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Jeep Wrangler (JK) (2007-on) 2.8L ( 130KW / 176HP )

  • Product Code: PNG-6
  • Availability: Currently on backorder. ETA early June

Currently on backorder. ETA early June

How does PlugNGO work?

Curve Adjustment

Choose from six levels to optimize the curve. You can increase the curve through 3 levels and reduce it through 3 levels.

4 Modes

OFF mode for driving on very slippery road surfaces brought about by ice, snow, or heavy rain.

Sport +

Perfect for merging quickly with road traffic or when overtaking is required.


In Sport mode, throttle response is increased by up to 16% and is suitable for most situations.

Eco/Off Road

ECO/Off Road mode is suitable for stop and go driving. It guarantees improved response in the lower rpm range and is programmed to achieve economical fuel consumption.

How to install?

Installs easily in just a few minutes.


1. Turn the ignition off.

2. Unplug the connection from the original plug to the accelerator.


1. Attach the PlugNGO connectors between the accelerator pedal and the original plug connection.

2. Mount the cables so they are securely installed and not interfering with anything else.

3. Mount the PlugNGO so you can easily access it.

'N' GO!

That’s it! Drive and enjoy!