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What is PlugNGo?

PlugNGO is the newest tool to help you drive faster, smoother. It removes delays in the accelerator to help you manoeuvre your car easily-even on difficult terrain!

PlugNGO alters the acceleration curve on electronic throttle controlled vehicles. It digitally alters the shape of the curve increasing throttle response and improving your overall driving experience.

If you fit a PlugNGO then you’re guaranteed to discover the real performance of your vehicle.

PlugNGO improves acceleration times whilst overtaking and during hill starts. It’s safe and easy to use, just plug and go!


Removes accelerator delay & improves throttle response


Sport, Sport + and Eco/Off-Road Modes


Quicker response at low engine RPM


Compatible with most vehicle types

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Easily the most effective product I have ever fitted. Sure a bull bar is noticeable but you don't get to see or feel it in use every day. Suspension certainly makes a big difference, especially when you push the vehicle. But the PlugNGO can be felt every time you touch the accelerator pedal. I have never experienced a product that has such a noticeable effect on how the vehicle drives.
Simon Christie
I have one on my 2010 lux and love it once you find the setting that works for you it is great.
Jason Baldock
Plugngo is the way to go fitted mine 7000 km a go just done the Gibb river road my 2013 Colorado and it's the best money spent in a long time in the truck, Thanks!
Mark Schache